The Lady Bird Greenway – Austin

Lady Bird Lake is located in one of the tallest and most beautiful parks in the world located just a short walk from Zilker Park and just a short ride from Campigton. The neighborhood, known as the “Wally World” is bursting with personality. walk along towpath amidst the sycamore trees and enjoy the cascading rapids on the Lazy L&L or cruise through one of the many trails, or even try your hand at a bit of frisbee while enjoying a quiet evening on the lawn.

The Lady Bird Lake Trail boasts several facets that make it a worthwhile destination for runners, walkers and bikers. The water is so clear, you can even walk to the stream and see “what” is there without having to sedate yourself with a bridge or bridge. There are several creek and stream options that feed the tarn near the site, running through rocks and cement foundations until it eventually flows into Lady Bird Lake.

Also, during the summer months, one can put in a little or a lot depending on how much one would like to explore the Lady Bird Lake Trail. The trail itself is relatively level throughout the entire length, but if you are feeling fit, take the inner tube to South Lake where a rock wall drops down to the water for a nice full body swim. It is a pleasant and refreshing change of pace, but do be prepared with a good waist or cincher.

Also, please note that there is a separate trail for ballast, you can pick this up before you reach the lake and it will keep you from needing to do the return trip to the ballast site.

1. Tower Trail – top of the line beginner to rock climbing

– Safe, clean and if you feel strong enough, the tower will take you rock climbing to the top. It is a good idea to call or look up to the tower to find the best route.

2. rappel/ discount backpack – a complete package of assault course and backpacking.

– Safe, clean and if you feel strong enough, there is a bounce down section in the middle of the trail. If you find yourself in this situation, I recommend doing a solo sit out to the ground. It is also a great beginner’s mistake to bring a completely uncontrolled river as a back up. Rivers are not safe to cross and put you or your partner in harms way, forget river crossings and open water.

3. 2 Minute Walk – A short 2 minute walk to a gorgeous view of the Gallatin Valley, preferably mid-morning or earlier before during the heat of summer.

– By far the easiest hike along the banks of Lady Bird Lake. Not only is the route finding easy, the rewards are far greater than Vista hunter.

4. Ridge Trail – If you are looking for a beginner’s trail, the Ridge trail is a great choice both for structure and terrain.

– Basic, easy to moderate.

5. Fun Pine Creek – Situated a very short distance from the Gallatin trail and the popular Pagford Flats area, Fun Pine Creek offers some of the easiest and most enjoyable fishing I have ever experienced.

6. vistas/ vantage points – Gallatin Gorge is a unique place, with a view of untouched, untouched beauty, secluded valleys, and even a water system, so besides the views of Lady Bird Lake, one can see enough to want to stay forever.

7. Surfing is not windy – If you are looking for the waves, and noticed with the consistent winds of Britain, you will not be disappointed.

8. Gallatin Pike on Bullards Bay – The view from the top ofGallowinPikeis breathtaking. The tend take a few months to acclimatize to, and then it is well worth the effort.

9. Make the turn from Andrew’s Mount and surf through the amazing caravan park, or head back to the car park and relax.

10. If you are looking for somewhere a little off the beaten path, get lost inUR indicted woods. 15 minutes effort and a few “don’t try” signs later, you are standing shoulder to shoulder with locals and looking at lake. Nothing but a sea of green on one side and the black of the sky on the other. TheCLimb or Ski Club is not a secret after all.