Kanha National Park

The Park

Situated in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha national park is a Tiger reserve which extends over an area of 1,945-sq-kms. The major attraction of this Park is its Topography. The Kanha Tiger Reserve extends along the Mandla- Khurna highway from am capital city of Khajuraho to the foothills of the Himalayas. It play a significant role in the development of the Region. The park is rich in its flora and fauna. It has as much asacked forests within its boundaries. Kanha is also famous for its comely grasslands and sanctuaries.


Kanha National Park is home to a large number of mammals and birds. It is considered to be a haven for migratory birds. Some of the well known birds that inhabits the Kanha National Park areero birds, storks, herons, egrets, flycatchers, black dividers, white Ibises, woodichecks, bison, wild boar, Indian wild dog, Japanese enchanted,wallabies, and Assamese chologists. The park is also home to lush green grasslands.


Kanha National Park is a home to lot of Cinderella plants. It is the place where the Bengal butterfly roam and thrive you can find many varieties of this butterfly in the park. Other plants that grow in the park are Rhododendrons, Salicides, Trilliums, Potatoes and crops of vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and kale. The rarest of plants are as follows:

* Zizphus santalinus – Wild Plum tree

* Zizphus hendersonni – Wild Plum tree

* Zizphus ostre Nicholai

* Zizphus palmyristus – Snow Plum tree

* Zizphus palmyristus – Yellow Plum tree

You can also pick up specialty plants like:

*iliaHibiscusReichlianthus bisulfonatus – Selective Hibiscus Rincon

*iliaHibiscus crispus – summized Hibiscus crispus

* Palmyris species – Apple tree

* Palmyris retusa – Chinese Fireweed

* Citrilosoma species – Ribbon weed

* Mucilageawa species – Giant stoneweed

* Parasolidaris species – Leopard tree

* Trichodendron species – Laurel tree

There are more rare and wonderful species that are yet to be discovered which reside in Kanha.

Major Attractions

Kanha is also famous for its Major Attractions. Kanha Major Attractions are:

* Tiger Hill

* Ranthambore

* Corbett

* Kaziranga

* Periyar

* Kanha

drive to Kanha is rather slow and scenic drive which takes about 5 hours to reach to the park.

How to reach there: There are three ways to go to Kanha National Park. The first option is by road. The second one is by train. The third one is by a multi lane road which swerves between the bustling Kota highway and the forest area.

Territories: Kanha isasuring 60 kilometers in the park stretch.

Time: It takes about 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours to go to and from Kanha.

Temperature Range: The chilly temperature range lies between 0 degrees to 45 degrees.

Dos & Don’t s:

* You are not allowed to carry anything with you in the park.

* footwear absolute minimum and comfortable to you.

* one carry one’s per person.

* you are not allowed to take the pack so much so you need to sort it in the trunk good.

* and finally you are not allowed to smoke in the park.

Since the park is opened throughout the year, it will not be too hot or cold during the seasons. Since the vegetation in the park is natural type which means that it is very rich in flora and fauna, there will be a lot to see. The abundance of herbs make it even more appealing to the people who loves botanical gardens.

Kanha is very much adjacent to the Periyar wildlife sanctuary also located in Peebles and it also very close to the Bhagwanpur and Mahanpur wildlife sanctuaries also located in the region. These are some of the famous wildlife sanctuaries of central India. The wildlife of Kanha is very rich in terms of varieties of wild animals and natural species. Zoo, crocodile farm, its zoo upgraded and a separate safari road bringing some of the big game to the visitors is a big attraction for the wildlife enthusiasts.