Beach Activities to Enjoy While Staying in Your Devon Holiday Cottages

People who love water sports activities enjoy spending their vacation in Devon. The two coastlines make it a perfect place for your family and group bonding. To ensure a comfortable stay, book your accommodations in any of the Devon or Torquay holiday cottages. The proximity of the cottages to popular beaches makes it convenient for the whole family especially for your children. If you have your vehicle with you, choose Devon holiday cottages where the friendly staff will facilitate your parking. The close proximity to beaches will keep you and your family busy for hours. Here are some activities you can enjoy while staying at the Devon or Torquay holiday cottages.


If you are bringing your family members along for the picnic, be sure to book one of the Torquay holiday cottages. It is the best place for the family to enjoy. During the day, you can choose to stay in the quaint town and stay up late at the beach. Your kids will surely enjoy the wave of your arms as you throw the beach towel at them. With the soft sand at the beach to keep you cool, your children will surely love the experience of swimming in the waves. Just be sure to swim near the lifeguard tower to avoid disturbing others. bishops point lighthouse is also a focus for your attention. At the lighthouse, you can see the Torquay Beach, Denny Bay, and Littlecial accountants bays. If you greatly want to see the different sides of Devon, hard to believe but it truly is like a thousand miles away. After your Torquay holiday cottages, you can fly to Helston and there you can see the famous picture postcard. Helston houses one of the most precious Torquay attractions, St. Just and if you visit Reigate Beach will realize why it is lovingly called as the seconds behind the Great Barrier Reef.

Dartmouth and Rothesay

Dartmouth is a town full of romantic aura where you can find the perfect place for family vacation. Water lovers from around the world visit this spot to breathe fresh air and enjoy the sightseeing. With the attractive scenery, it is a wide preference for the honeymoon couples. Tourists also find different options to spend their holidays in Devon. You can stay at the comfortable Devon holiday cottages or Torquay holiday cottages. If you want to enjoy your holidays at a more exciting pace, you can drive your own car or hire a bicycle to explore the town. There are good public transport options available nearby such as the Devon train station and the Torquay train station. You can also drop by your local travel agent to get connected to the different tour operators.

After a busy day, you can enjoy your needed relaxation at one of the serene beaches in Devon. You can lay down on the sand and feel the cooled breeze of the ocean.Face it; you know you cannot do without your high spirits. Grab a pen and paper and write a Choose Your Own Adventure! – a wish list of your most admired things done in the past. As you pack for your holiday, you might also want to write down your own wish list. What ever you choose, it will surely make your holidays more memorable.


The beach is a wonderful place to have your special moment of your life together. Make your dream come true, but not too early. Plan your honeymoon outdoors. Go to beaches; take walks together and even go horseback riding. Make it sky blue the sky becomes clear. Experience the thrill of the longest and most romantic walk ever. The beach is one of the places you must visit. Don’t forget to take a picture with your partner or a message in a bottle.


As you can see, there are a lot of places to tour in Devon. Whether you want to stay at the beach or do everything outdoors, you can do it all in Devon. With its quaint towns and endless activities, Devon can fulfill your desire for vacation paradise. But before you come, you need to consider a few important things. Are you ready?